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Review: A Fortress Defiled by Connie Johnson

Fortress Defiled

Title: A Fortress Defiled

Author: Connie Johnosn  (Author Website) (Facebook)

Genre: Mystery

Publisher:  Publish Green (May 28, 2015)

Length:  231 pages

Source:  Netgalley.com

About the Book: (from Goodreads.com)

Jillian Jax is an agent in the Special Homicide Unit, an elite division within the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. ‘Special’ in Jillian’s world, indicates murder that is excessively brutal or bizarre. Serial killings are under the purview of Special Homicide, as are mass murders. Ritual slaughter, as practice by certain cults, is also a part of their jurisdiction. There are two major theories regarding serial killings and other murderous atrocities. The first is that violence of this nature is on the increase. The second is that there has been no increase, but improved technology gives society coordinated information to a dark side of humanity that has always existed. Jillian embraces the dark side theory, as well she should.

As Jillian embarks upon each investigation, troublesome past life experiences, shared with the killers, are revealed. The murderers of today are malevolent manifestations, ghoulish beings echoing down through the ages. Jillian has shared previous existences with them, and has been victimized and abused by their heinous actions. It is now her job, both personal and professional, to break the links that have chained her to them in previous existences. She must reclaim her stolen power, and bring them to justice. Apprehension mounts as Jillian realizes the enormity of the past life involvement. She turns to Sondra, a friend from childhood, who is able to read and interpret the reincarnational past.

In A Fortress Defiled, Jillian confronts a blood-thirsty thug who is kidnapping and murdering St. Paul’s promising young men and women. The present day killer is a mirror image of his former self, a prince who preyed upon the youth of the Carpathian Mountains. Four hundred years ago, he ruled his domain with absolute authority. He was an arrogant and brutal man, who wished to maintain his vigor long past his allotted time. When his vitality began to wane, he turned to the youth in the villages, capturing and killing them so that he could consume their life force. Now, in the current time, he is repeating his past cruel actions.
Jillian knew him in the distant past. She must discover him in the present, bring justice to society, and redemption to herself.

About the Author & Narrator:  (from Author’s website http://www.conniejohnson3.com/about-the-author/)

ConnieConnie Johnson has long been a student of human behavior.  Her interest in what motivates people’s thoughts, feelings, and actions led to a lifetime career as a Social Worker.  She studied at the University of Minnesota, earning her Social Welfare degree during a time when community activism and personal empowerment were emphasized. In her extensive career as a Social Worker, Connie has worked with people who have experienced abuse and oppression, as well as those who seek to abuse and oppress.

In an effort to discover where ‘God’, or the ‘Cosmic Mind’ or ‘Universal Source Energy’ fit into the picture, she also became a student of both traditional religions, and non-traditional spiritual expressions and practices. During the course of her spiritual studies, she developed a special interest in reincarnation, karma, and past life issues.

Connie lives in St. Paul with her little dog and a good cup of coffee, happily surrounded by family and friends.

My Review: I love reading debut novels and A Fortress Defiled, A Jillian Jax Mystery by Connie Johnson is no exception.  A Fortress Defiled is set in St Paul, MN which added to my enjoyment of this book.  It is always enjoyable to read a story set in an area you are very familiar with.   A Fortress Defiled had me hooked by about 30% through the book.  I knew right there and then that I would be awake until I finished!  The story moves at a good pace and keeps the reader on edge to the very end.  

The main character, Jillian is a strong and talented agent with a special sense.  Without giving away too much, I want to say that I really found the premise of this special sense possessed by Jillian to be very unique and intriguing story element.  Jillian has many strong relationships in her life such as her family and her friend, Sondra that play an integral part in her life.    These relationships are very touching and very well developed by the author.  

I found the ending of A Fortress Defiled very satisfying.  It is evident throughout A Fortress Defiled that Connie Johnson put a lot of research into this book regarding Minnesota and Law Enforcement procedures.  The author describes herself as  a student of human behavior.  Her knowledge in this area is evident in her insightful psychological look into the thought process and actions of the characters.

My Rating: 4 – Yep, this book had me losing a bit of sleep.  I had to finish!  I will be looking forward to the next book in the Jillian Jax Mystery series.  I look forward to learning more about the key characters and their stories.  Considering, Connie Johnson’s initial development of these characters,  I don’t think I will be disappointed in future novels. 

The characters in A Fortress Defile learn first hand,  that the past always shapes our lives more than we realize.    If you are looking for a unique mystery with just the right amount of creepy, A Fortress Defiled by Connie Johnson will deliver.  

My Rating Scale: 1 – didn’t like it; 2 – it was ok; 3 – liked it; 4 – really liked it; 5 – it was amazing


Monday, May 25, 2015

Review: Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work and Never Get Stuck–Jon Acuff


Title: Do Over

Author: Jon Acuff
(Author Website) (Facebook)

Genre: Nonfiction/Business & Economics

Narrator: Jon Acuff

Publisher:  Blackstone Audio, 04/07/15

Length:  8.5 hrs • 7 CDs• 1 MP3 CD • Unabridged

About the Book: (from Goodreads.com)

New York Times bestselling author Jon Acuff has drawn millions of online fans who love his refreshing mix of humor, honesty, and wisdom about the world of work. Now he offers his most important book yet, a guide to making big career changes—by choice or necessity—and escaping the horrible feeling of being trapped in the wrong job.

Acuff finds it amazing that people spend more than eighteen years studying and preparing for college, but little or no time honing their careers between graduation and retirement. He offers an empowering tool he calls the Career Savings Account, which will change the way readers think about their skills, relationships, character, and work ethic. He also shows that if you’re on the wrong track, you already have what you need to change it—even if your family and mortgage mean you can’t simply pick up and move for a new opportunity.

Throughout the book, Acuff features inspiring and funny true stories—not merely his own, but those of friends who restarted their careers after a layoff, an extended maternity leave, or simply the realization that they were suffering fifty weeks a year just to pay the bills and enjoy two weeks of vacation. Everyone can benefit from Do Over, from new graduates to fiftysomethings and beyond.

About the Author & Narrator: 

jon-acuff-headshotJon Acuff is the New York Times Bestselling author of five books including his most recent, Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work and Never Get Stuck.

For 16 years he’s helped some of the biggest brands in the world tell their story, including The Home Depot, Bose, Staples, and the Dave Ramsey Team. Most recently he’s spoken to hundreds of thousands of people at conferences, colleges, companies and churches. Featured regularly on national media, Jon has been seen on CNN, Fox News, Good Day LA and several other key outlets.

In addition, Jon is also a big proponent of social media with blogs that have been read by 4 million people and more than 230,000 twitter followers. In 2010 he used his influence with his tribe to build two kindergartens in Vietnam. Jon lives with his wife Jenny and two daughters in Franklin, TN.

My Review:  Jon uses his signature wit and humor to provide advice on how to survive a career “Do Over” either due to either a voluntary or involuntary reason.  Voluntary Do Overs being, Career Ceiling or Career Jump.   Involuntary “Do Overs” being Career Bump or Career Opportunity.  Jon introduces the reader to the concept of a “Career Savings Account” (CSA).   A CSA is filled with your relationships, skills, character and work ethic.  Personally, I am currently in a bit of a strange season in my career.   I  found the tasks in the book  very helpful to put Jon’s theory into practice in my career.   I especially liked the information on how to have character in the workplace, which I strive to do each day.   I know which areas of my CSA need to be strengthened and I now have steps to improve my Career Savings Account. 

My Rating: 4 – I found Do Over by Jon Acuff an enjoyable read.  I simply love Jon’s sense of humor.   I loved him as a narrator. He is a very expressive narrator with just a hint of sarcasm.   He made me laugh out loud more than once.   I have been fan of Jon Acuff for years.  We lead Financial Peace University and he does make an appearance in Week #5 I believe it is. 

I am motivated to invest in myself and my career Savings Account after listening to Do Over by Jon Acuff.  The tag line on the cover reads, “Rescue Monday, Reinvent Work and Never Get Stuck!”  This is exactly what I needed to hear during this changing time in my career.   I would recommend Do Over by Jon Acuff to anyone who is feeling the need to change up their career a little bit or have been faced with an involuntary “Do Over”.  Jon Acuff provides very sage advice in a very enjoyable format.  I will certainly be listening to more of his books as I enjoyed him as a narrator very much.  Honestly, I usually do not enjoy author/narrators very much, but Jon Acuff is very enjoyable to listen to. 

My Rating Scale: 1 – didn’t like it; 2 – it was ok; 3 – liked it; 4 – really liked it; 5 – it was amazing

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Review: The Silent Sister–Diane Chamberlain

silent sister

About the Book: (from Goodreads.com)

In The Silent Sister, Riley MacPherson has spent her entire life believing that her older sister Lisa committed suicide as a teenager.  Now, over twenty years later, her father has passed away and she's in New Bern, North Carolina cleaning out his house when she finds evidence to the contrary.  Lisa is alive.  Alive and living under a new identity.  But why exactly was she on the run all those years ago, and what secrets are being kept now?  As Riley works to uncover the truth, her discoveries will put into question everything she thought she knew about her family.  Riley must decide what the past means for her present, and what she will do with her newfound reality, in this engrossing mystery from international bestselling author Diane Chamberlain.

About the Author:

Diane Chamberlain grew up in Plainfield, New Jersey and spent her summers at the Jersey Shore, two settings that have found their way into her novels. She attended Glassboro State College in New Jersey before moving to San Diego, where she received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work from San Diego State University. After graduating, she worked in a couple of youth counseling agencies and then focused on medical social work, which she adored. She worked in hospitals in San Diego and Washington, D.C. before opening a private psychotherapy practice in Alexandria, Virginia, specializing in adolescents. She closed her practice to write. 

Diane Chamberlain lives and writes in North Carolina. She lives with her significant other, John, a photographer, and two sweet Shetland Sheepdogs, Keeper and Cole. She has three grown stepdaughters, a couple of sons-in-law and four grandbabies.

My Review:   Riley MacPherson is a social worker, unsure where her life will lead as she ends of a long term relationship.  She returns home after her Dad dies to take care of his affairs.  Her only living family member is her brother, Danny who is dealing with PTSD after being in Iraq and is not much help to her.  As she begins to go through her father’s things, she slowly discovers family secrets surrounding the suicide of her sister, Lisa.  Riley begins to wonder if she really knew her father.  Danny and Riley were raised by parents that were living any parents worst nightmare, the loss of a child.  Danny is bitter about how his parents were after Lisa’s suicide.  He blamed Lisa and Lisa’s suicide for many of the things that went wrong in his life. 

The character development was very good. You really care about the characters.  I really connected  with Riles, being a social worker myself. I understood her need to fix things.   I loved Riley and wanted the best for her.  I was drawn to the characters and their emotional state of their lives.  The pace of the story builds to the end, making the end of The Silent Sister a real page turner. 

I found the book predictable as I had figured out how the story would unfold, well before it did.  I did not find this a distraction to my enjoyment of the story.   I still wanted to finish to understand the details, emotions and thought process of the characters.   The Silent Sister is told in parallel  story lines, the past and the present in which Riley is slow unearthing the secrets of the past. This was a very  effect style of writing for this story.   This is a very emotional read, so don’t do what I did and listen to it at work, very embarrassing.

My Rating:  4/5 – though very predictable, I really enjoyed The Silent Sister by Diane Chamberlain.  I was listening to it at work and even had to go to the bathroom once as I was going to cry!  Definitely an emotional read, which I felt was worth the listen.   Silent Sister is an easy, enjoyable read that becomes a bit of page turner towards the end.  Even as I write this review I think of the characters and wonder  what will happen in their lives next. 

My Rating Scale: 1 – didn’t like it; 2 – it was ok; 3 – liked it; 4 – really liked it; 5 – it was amazing

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Happy Reading!

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Menu Plan Monday: April 13th, 2015


April 10th  -  April 28th, 2015

Friday, 10th – Meatball Subs, Simple Pasta Salad

Saturday, 11th – Rotisserie Chicken, Stuffing and Peas

Sunday, 12th – Garlicky Pork Chops, Cheddar Twice -Baked Potatoes (Bet Loves pg 499), Corn
Dessert:  Banana Pudding Dessert (Best Loved pg 428)


Monday, 13th - Sausage and Rice Casserole – Green Beans (Emeals A – 581)

Tuesday, 14th – (soccer) - Chicken Sandwiches, Fries

Wednesday, 15th – (FPU) - Flaky Chicken Pot Pie  (Mom’s Best Recipes pg 141)

Thursday,  16th – Easy Garlic Tortellini

Friday, 17th – Pepperoni Pizza Rolls, Veggies

Saturday, 18th - Thai Grilled Chicken, Asian Noodles, Green Beans

Sunday, 19th - Mom’s Roast Beef (Best Recipes 464), Over Roasted Potatoes, Country Green Beans (465) Chocolate Zuchinni Cake


Monday, 20th – (Grandpa’s Birthday)  Beef Stroganoff, Noodles and Peas

Tuesday, 21st – (Soccer) - Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes & Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Crispy Bacon and Mixed Fruit Bowl (Emeals A – 581)

Wednesday, 22nd – (FPU) - Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches, Wavy Chips and Dill Pickle Spears (Emeals A – 581)

Thursday, 23rd - Mac and Cheese and Brats

Friday, 24th – (MACMH – Jen Out of Town) – Tater Tot Hotdish

Saturday, 25th -  (MACMH – Jen Out of Town) – Pot Pies

Sunday,26th - (MACMH – Jen Out of Town) – Grilled Pork Chops

Monday, 27th - (MACMH – Jen Out of Town) – Make Your Own Sandwiches

Tuesday, 28th - (MACMH – Jen Out of Town) - Pizza

Parmesan Pork Chops with Spinach Salad and Oven Roasted Potatoes (Taste of Home – April/May 2015 pg 31)
Inside Out Ravioli (Mom’s Best pg 149)
Beefy Mexican Casserole, Seasoned Black Beans and Ranch-Avocados Salad (Emeals A – 580)
Chicken Noodle Casserole with your favorite vegetable
Elegant Stuffed Cornish Hens (Best 496)Bacon Squash Saute, Orange N Red Onion Salad and Banana Cream Pie

eMeals - Easy Meals for Busy People!

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Review: We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas



Title: We Are Not Ourselves

Author: Matthew Thomas

Narrator: Mare Winningham

Unabridged Length: 20 h, 51 m

Published by Simon & Schuster Audio, 2014

Genres: Adult Fiction, Literary

Source: Audiobook Jukebox‘s reviewer program


About the Book: (from Goodreads.com)

Born in 1941, Eileen Tumulty is raised by her Irish immigrant parents in Woodside, Queens, in an apartment where the mood swings between heartbreak and hilarity, depending on whether guests are over and how much alcohol has been consumed.

When Eileen meets Ed Leary, a scientist whose bearing is nothing like those of the men she grew up with, she thinks she’s found the perfect partner to deliver her to the cosmopolitan world she longs to inhabit. They marry, and Eileen quickly discovers Ed doesn’t aspire to the same, ever bigger, stakes in the American Dream.
Eileen encourages her husband to want more: a better job, better friends, a better house, but as years pass it becomes clear that his growing reluctance is part of a deeper psychological shift. An inescapable darkness enters their lives, and Eileen and Ed and their son Connell try desperately to hold together a semblance of the reality they have known, and to preserve, against long odds, an idea they have cherished of the future.

Through the Learys, novelist Matthew Thomas charts the story of the American Century, particularly the promise of domestic bliss and economic prosperity that captured hearts and minds after WWII. The result is a riveting and affecting work of art; one that reminds us that life is more than a tally of victories and defeats, that we live to love and be loved, and that we should tell each other so before the moment slips away.

Epic in scope, heroic in character, masterful in prose, We Are Not Ourselves heralds the arrival of a major new talent in contemporary fiction.

Related Media:

Matt Thomas About Author: Matthew Thomas was born in the Bronx and grew up in Queens. A graduate of the University of Chicago, he has an MA from the Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins University and an MFA from the University of California, Irvine. His New York Times-bestselling novel WE ARE NOT OURSELVES has been shortlisted for the Flaherty-Dunnan First Novel Prize from the Center for Fiction and longlisted for the Guardian First Book Award. He lives with his wife and twin children in New Jersey.


About Narrator:   Mary Megan "Mare" Winningham is an American actress and singer-songwriter. She is an Academy Award, Tony Award and eight-time Emmy Award nominee, winning Emmys in 1980 and 1998. Winningham began her acting career in the late 1970s on television.

My Review:   We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas is the story of Eileen and Ed a married couple and parents of Connell.  Eileen and  Ed seem like a typical couple, with their ups and down and hopes for a better future.   As Eileen begins to look at homes in a new neighborhood in pursuit of the American Dream, the family is tested.  Though I questioned Eileen’s feelings for Ed initially, once their relationship was tested, Eileen  was there for Ed.  Her life changes as it become evident that Ed’s condition will progress  and not improve.   Ed’s condition certainly tested their love for each other as well as his relationship with his son, Connell.   The family is forces to learn what really matters most in life.  I was  touched by Eileen’s choices regarding Ed’s care and to maintain his dignity as long as possible. 

We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas in Audio Version is 18 CD’s long.  In all honesty, the plot is doled out very slowly, which I struggled with.   Had this not been a review book, I am not sure I would have finished We Are Not Ourselves.    I was not initially invested in Eileen and Ed’s relationship, which makes it hard to continue a initially slow read.    In retrospect,  I am glad I finished the book as I really enjoyed the last half of the book.  


My Rating: 3/5 – Having experienced the loss of a loved one to the same condition, many of the emotions in We Are Not Ourselves resonated with me.  The decline of the person is a slow process that you try to tell yourself is not really happening.  I think Matthew Thomas portrayed the feelings of loss, grief, guilty and love very well in the later half of the book.  We Are Not Ourselves gives readers a good look into the life of a caregiver and how life can change in a moment. 

My Rating Scale: 1 – didn’t like it; 2 – it was ok; 3 – liked it; 4 – really liked it; 5 – it was amazing

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Menu Plan Monday: March 30th


March 30th -  April 12, 2015

Friday, 27th – Fish Sandwiches and Fries

Saturday, 28th – (Gala) – Pizza

Sunday, 29th – Beef Enchiladas and Spanish Rice
Dessert:  Mexican Rice Pudding

Monday, 30th – (Off) - Parmesan Pork Chops Oven Roasted Potatoes with Stir Fried Broccoli and Carrots (Emeals A –577 – 55 minutes)

Tuesday, 31st – (Off) - Open Faced Cheese Tuna Melts, Fruit and Chips (Emeals578)

Wednesday, 1st – (Off) - Pancakes / Bacon / Eggs

Thursday, 2nd - Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Friday, 3rd - Meatless Spaghetti – Garlic Bread

Saturday, 4th – Korean Beef with rice and broccoli or string beans

Sunday, 5th – (Easter) Ham, Garlic –Butter Green Beans (Best Loved 463), Roasted Herb Potatoes
Dessert: Mom’s Apple Pie (Recipe in Emails)


Monday, 6th (Working Late) – Tater Tot Hotdish

Tuesday, 7th - Grilled Cheese Breakfast Sandwich and fruit salad or orange juice

Wednesday, 8th – (FPU Preview Night) – Spring Greek Pasta Salad, Sandwich for a Crowd (Best Loved - pg. 653)

Thursday, 9th - Chicken Noodle Casserole with your favorite vegetable

Friday, 10th - Meatball Subs, Simple Pasta Salad (Emeals579)

Saturday, 11th – Rotisserie Chicken, Stuffing and Peas

Sunday, 12th - Garlicky Pork Chops, Cheddar Twice -Baked Potatoes (Bet Loves pg 499), Corn
Dessert:  Banana Pudding Dessert (Best Loved pg 428)


Future Meals:
Chicken & Caramelized Onion Grilled Cheese (Taste of Home/S&D – April/May 2015 -39)
Crispy Honey Pork Tenderloin
Thai Grilled Chicken
Garlic Herb Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Corn on Cob, and Fruit
Easy Sesame Chicken, Rice, and Vegetables
Roasted Green Beans
Balsamic Pork Chops – Carrots and Roasted Asparagus (Emeals 482)
Creamy Angel Hair with Spinach and Sausage
Chicken Pesto Linguine/Garlic Bread/Zucchini (EmealsA- 577- 35 minutes)
Quiche with Hashbrown Crust
Easy Beef Macaroni and Cheese

eMeals - Easy Meals for Busy People!

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REVIEW: Gooseberry Island by Steven Manchester


Title: Gooseberry Island

Author:  Steven Manchester (author website)

Publisher: Story Plant, The; Reprint edition (January 6, 2015)

Pages: 300 pages

Source: From Author

About the Book: (from Goodreads.com)

They met at the worst possible moment...or maybe it was just in time. David McClain was about to go to war and Lindsey Wood was there at his going-away party, capturing his heart when falling for a woman was the last thing on his mind. While David was serving his country, he stayed in close contact with Lindsey. But war changes a person, and when he came home very little had the same meaning that it had before – including the romance that had sustained him. Was love truly unconquerable, or would it prove to be just another battlefield casualty?

Gooseberry Island is the most nuanced, dramatic, and romantic novel yet from a writer whose ability to plumb the depths of human emotion knows few peers.

My Review: Gooseberry Island is set on Gooseberry Island and in Afghanistan.  The authors description of  Gooseberry Island is so relaxed and small town, a great place for a vacation.  The authors description of Afghanistan is very emotional, detailed and stressful.  I think he conveys the feel of both of the environments very well.  They are as different as night and day.

David is an Army  Ranger and getting ready to leave for Afghanistan when he meets Lindsey just before his going away party.  A romance is sparked, which sustains David through his time in Afghanistan.  In the beginning both characters are very relatable.  David and Lindsey keep up a long distance relationship.  While David witnesses the horrors and loss of war. 

The real meat of the story takes place in Afghanistan.  You realize very quickly that war changes people and the price of war.  There is a price for war for the soldiers as well as the family left at home.  I got very swept up in the authors detailed description in regards to David’s time in Afghanistan.   The scene that stayed with me was of David on the rooftop in Afghanistan.  As a reader I felt the tense emotions of the scene and felt like I was on the rooftop with David.

Being a social worker, I was most interested in the authors portrayal of David’s journey through PTSD when returning from his time in Afghanistan.  So many times our soldiers are not treated for those invisible wounds.  As David did, many soldiers self medicate to get through life.  David had a very hard time adjusting upon his return.  Here is where Lindsey became un-relatable to me.  Her reaction to David after they see each other the first time when David returns really disturbed me. 

My Rating: 4 – The emotions of Gooseberry Island will stay with you long after you read the last page.  Gooseberry  Island gives the reader insight into the lives of returned serviceman and struggles they face each day.  Steven Manchester is a new author for me.  Steven has a way with capturing emotions.   I am not a fan of romances, but Gooseberry Island is so much more than a romance.  I definitely will be checking out a few more books by Steven Manchester.

My Rating Scale: 1 – didn’t like it; 2 – it was ok; 3 – liked it; 4 – really liked it; 5 – it was amazing

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Happy Reading!

Jen C

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