Review Policy

"Real luxury is time and opportunity to read for pleasure” Jane Brody
After accepting ARC books to review for a bit, I decided that at this time I do not want to continue to accept books for review.  Being a very busy mother, wife and full-time social worker, I find that reading is an escape for me.  An escape that many days I really look forward to.  When I was accepting books for review from publishers, that took away my sense of escape with my reading and made it feel like work at times.  There were reading and review deadlines and what if you really didn't want to read the book! 

I love the adventure a book can take you on.  You start reading one book set in Germany and then you research some historical events of the time and your journey begins.  You never really know where you will end up, lost in the words of another.  There is nothing better than wandering through the library and grabbing a book who's cover caught your eye.  You go home hoping the inside of the book matches the cover art.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to return to accepting reviews in the future.  I am just enjoying the luxury of reading and reviewing what I want right now.

Happy Reading!!