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Book Review: Wringer by Jerry Spinelli


Title: Wringer

Author: Jerry Spinelli (Author Website)

Publisher: HarperTeen (September 7, 2004)

ISBN 10: 0060592826

Pages: 256 pages

Age Level: 8 and up

About the Book:

Not all birthdays are welcome. In Palmer's home town of Waymer, a boy's tenth birthday is more than just another birthday -- it is considered to be the biggest and most honorable day of his life. When a boy turns ten he has finally earned his place as a wringer at the town's annual Pigeon Day. On this day 5,000 pigeons are released into the sky only to be shot down by the town's men. It is the job of wringers to retrieve dead birds from the field and to wring the wounded birds' necks.

Although all proceeds from Pigeon Day go to pay for the town's park maintenance and he is assured that wringers "humanely" put the dying pigeons to death, Palmer cannot shake the dreadful feeling that he does not want to be a wringer. Unfortunately, '"this not wanting to be a wringer" conflicts directly with the expectations of his clique of friends -- for them, being a wringer is the highest honor, an honor only a wimp would refuse. Not to be a wringer would mean going against his friends, his family, and the town and risking ostracism.

Palmer's life becomes further complicated when he befriends Nipper, a pigeon who likes to roost in his closet and sit atop his head. Now Palmer has a very important reason to strike out against his friends and the town's traditional Pigeon Day. In this gripping and thought-provoking novel, Spinelli tells of one boy's courage to overcome peer pressure and unquestioned tradition -- to stand up for what he believes.


About the Author

Jerry Spinelli is the author of the 1991 Newbery Medal-winning book Maniac Magee. His novels are regularly praised for their humor, poignancy, and realistic characters -- many of whom are drawn from his real-life experience as a father of six children. Jerry lives with his wife, Eileen, who is also a writer, in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of Gettysburg College.

Meet Tommy!!!
  Our Newest Review at Reading in White Bear Lake!


Reading in White Bear Lake is very excited to introduce our newest book reviewer, Tommy. Tommy is the youngest son of Jen C. Tommy is a 5th grader, who loves reading, soccer and hanging out with friends. His favorite series are the Percy Jackson and Harry Potter books. Look for more reviews from Tommy in the future. 

Interview with Tommy about Wringer by Jerry Spinelli:

Jen C : Why did you decide to read Wringer?

Tommy:  Because it looked like a real scary book and I wanted a scare.

Jen C :Who was you favorite character in Wringer?  Why?

Tommy:  Beans – also known as Author Dodds – he was really funny.   He was very obnoxious and disgusting in a really funny way. 

Jen C: What is a wringer? 

Tommy:   A Wringer is someone who on Pigeons Day , when they are shooting pigeon out of the sky, grabs the the pigeons by the neck and twists to kill them. 

Jen C :How would you feel about being a wringer at age 10

Tommy:  I would not want to do it because I wouldn’t want to kill the pigeons.  I like the pigeons.

Jen C :Why does Palmer not want to be wringer?

Tommy:  The same reason as me basically, He just doesn’t want to kill the pigeons because he wants to have them as pets and play with them. 

Jen C : What is the treatment?

Tommy:  The treatment is when on your birthday, a kid named, Farquar punches you really hard on the arm on your birthday.

Jen C :  Your birthday is coming up, do you want the treatment?

Tommy:  No

Jen C :What was you favorite part of the book?

Tommy:  When Palmer first allowed Nipper (pigeon) into his house.

Jen C : What emotions did you feel while reading Wringer?

Tommy:  Sad because Beans, Mutto and Henry wanted to take Palmer's pigeon and wring his neck. 

Jen C :  Are there any life lessons that can be taken from this story?

Tommy:  Do not be a bully.  Stand up for what you believe.

Jen C :  Did you liked the ending of the story?

Tommy:  Yes – it kinds of left you hanging and I am wondering if there will be a second book to the series.

Jen C :Would you recommend this book to a friend?  Why should they read this book?

Tommy:  Yes – because it is really funny, adventurous, sad and emotional.  

Tommy's Rating: 4 – I really liked it!

Happy Reading!!!


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  1. Oh I loved this!! Way to go Tommy! No "treatment" for me either please!