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Book Review: Heart Like Mine by Amy Hatvany


Title: Heart Like Mine

Author: Amy Hatvany (author website)

Publisher: Washington Square Press

Pages: 384

Format: Advance Copy provided by the publisher via

Release Date: March 19, 2013

About the Book:  (from publisher)

When a young mother dies under mysterious circumstances, those she leaves behind begin looking for answers in the past—and find a long-buried secret they could have never imagined.

Thirty-six-year-old Grace McAllister never longed for children. But when she meets Victor Hansen, a handsome, charismatic divorced restaurateur who is father to Max and Ava, Grace decides that, for the right man, she could learn to be an excellent part-time stepmom. After all, the kids live with their mother, Kelli. How hard could it be?

At thirteen, Ava Hansen is mature beyond her years. Since her parents’ divorce, she has been the one taking care of her emotionally unstable mother and her little brother—she pays the bills, does the laundry, and never complains because she loves her mama more than anyone. And while her father’s new girlfriend is nice enough, Ava still holds out hope that her parents will get back together and that they’ll be a family again.

But only days after Victor and Grace get engaged, Kelli dies suddenly under mysterious circumstances—and soon, Grace and Ava discover there was much more to Kelli’s life than either ever knew.

Narrated by Grace and Ava in the present with flashbacks into Kelli’s troubled past, Heart Like Mine is a poignant and hopeful portrait about womanhood, love, and the challenges of family life.


About the Author:

Amy Hatvany graduated with a degree in Sociology only to discover most sociologists are unemployed. Soon followed a variety of jobs - some of which she loved, like decorating wedding cakes; others which she merely tolerated, like receptionist.

In 1998, Amy finally decided to sell her car, quit her job, and take a chance on her passion: writing books. She is the author of BEST KEPT SECRET, OUTSIDE THE LINES (a Target book club pick for 2012 and a Costco's Buyer's pick), THE LANGUAGE OF SISTERS, and HEART LIKE MINE.

Amy lives in Seattle with her husband and children.

My Review:  I have to admit I picked Heart Like Mine by Amy Hatvany from Netgalley, based on the cover.  Amy Hatvany is a new author to me, but one I plan on reading more of.  On Sunday, I decided to start my day leisurely with a bit of reading time.  I started Heart Like Mine and found it very gripping and ended up finishing the entire book in one day.  This is very unlike me as I have a house and family to take care of on the weekends! Heart Like Mine is a story of love, marriage, parenthood and grief.   The struggles of a blended family are amplified by the recent death of the children’s mother, Kelli. 

The story flows very well, even with the transition between times and narrators.  What really kept me reading this book was how well the emotions of the characters were developed.  The tense relationship between Victor and Grace (stepmom) and the emotional roller coaster of the grief, feeling of betrayal and loss of the teen daughter Ava were spot on.   I just wanted to wrap in my arms around the youngest child, Max.
I loved the ending and being able to see how each character came to terms with each other, the past and the future. 

My Rating:  4 – I would have lost sleep to finish this book, if I hadn’t finished it before bedtime!  If you enjoy books by Jodi Picoult or Women’s Literature you will LOVE Heart Like Mine by Amy Hatvany!  This is the first book I have read by Amy Hatvany, but it will not be my last. 

My Rating Scale: 1 – didn’t like it; 2 – it was ok; 3 – liked it; 4 – really liked it; 5 – it was amazing

Heart Like Mine by Amy Hatvany is available in stores today, March 19, 2013.

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Happy Reading!

**Disclosure – Advance copy of Heart Like Mine received from publisher in exchange for a fair review.

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