Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Coming Soon to a Bookshelf Near You: June 2017

Book Shelf

Loving this beautiful weather!   Today is my last day of vacation before heading back to work.  We just returned from South Dakota, where we celebrated my parents 60th wedding anniversary and my mom’s 80th birthday! I thought I would have time to review and read while in SD, but we stayed very busy visiting with family.    Before heading back to work, I thought I would share some books that have caught my eye.   These books will be available in June.  If you like, maybe even get on the waitlist at the library for these upcoming titles.

As a book blogger, I am able to request, read and provide feedback on upcoming titles.   I love being able to do this, but some months my ambitions are larger than what time allows.  I still have a full time job which interferes regularly with my reading/blogging schedule.  So I decided to share with you some upcoming releases that have caught my eye.    I would hate for you to miss an upcoming title due to my lack of time!!

Here are some books which were be available in bookstores in June 2017, that caught my eye!


                                 Review of The Child                             


Happy Reading!

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