Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Coming Soon to a Bookshelf Near You: Summer Edition

Book Shelf

Hello Friends -

Beautiful weather in Minnesota and tomorrow the MN State Fair starts.  It is always bitter sweet as that means school is starting very soon.   Soccer Season has already started, and Tommy made the varsity team.  Life is good….my family is good!   I am meeting my reading goals, but slacking on writing reviews!

Currently Reading:

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What are you reading???  What is your best summer read???

How to do you keep track of new books coming out??  I thought I would share some books that caught my eye so far this summer.   I know I have already gotten on the waitlist for a few at the library.   The books are still on order and I am not even the first person to request the book. 

I always have a TBR list that is ever growing, but I hate to forget about a book I heard of.  Maybe I will have a better chance with my TBR list when I retire - 15+ years from now!

Here are some new releases or upcoming release that have caught my eye.   I hope you find something that interests you as well!





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Happy Reading!

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